Why should I have preventative maintenance performed?


  • To reduce equipment failure
  • To improve efficiency
  • To schedule cleanings without disrupting your business
    1. The most expensive part in your refrigerator or AC is the compressor. That compressor is designed to operate within a specified compression ratio, or more specifically the compressor operating envelope. (An example of an operating envelope is shown below)

This operating envelope varies by equipment type, compressor type, and manufacturer. However, they all have limits. One of the most common failure modes for compressors is high head pressure, which is most often caused by dirty condensers. Depending on your location and the location of the condenser the time spacing between recommended cleanings will vary. Grease will both reduce that spacing, and increase the difficulty of cleaning. Construction dust, either from your facility or your neighborhood will require shorter spacing between cleanings.

2. As airflow across the condenser is restricted the compression ratio to the compressor increases along with your utility bill.

3. Cleaning condensers is a dirty process. If properly maintained the vast majority of condensers can be cleaned with a compressed gas. This is the quickest and least expensive cleaning method. However, it puts a lot of dust in the air. It is best done when you are not open to business, and when no exposed food is in the area.

Ice Machines:

All the ice machine manufacturers require proper cleaning during the warranty period to keep the warranty valid. This is because a dirty evaporator on an ice machine will cause reduction in ice production and increased energy consumption. Also, it can lead to dirty ice, water restrictions, and equipment damage along with a variety of other issues.

Every ice machine brand is different, and there are smaller differences between models. I am happy to discuss your ice machine/s further with you.